Monday, August 6, 2012

Brandon and Rich Marshall from the Olympics...Observations

Today, Brandon and Rich Marshall share some observations from London.

Heart of an Athlete
I was so excited the Olympics were in London this time. At least we wouldn’t have to worry about a language barrier. Well, that couldn’t have been further from reality! Every place we look there are people of different nations. Just sitting in one restaurant we have heard German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and English. The amazing thing is….everyone is talking to each other.

Brandon in front of the flags of all the nations
competing at the Olympics
Competition grabs the interest of people worldwide. In every nation young people share a single dream – faster, higher, stronger. They struggle and train for years to achieve this goal. Then for two short weeks they join together to create an event like no other. Some will win medals, but all strive to achieve their goals. Not everyone can go home with the coveted gold, but what the athletes win is beyond measure.

In this one small restaurant I had the chance to share in that experience. Without understanding a word of what they were saying I felt each person’s pride in their nation’s best.

Nowhere is there more pride though than in the host city. London has welcomed the world with open arms. The organizers have thought through every detail. Waiting is minimal…crowds are given room to roam…and the people of London are eager to help.

There are no borders, no barriers, and no discontent.

For one moment we all have the heart of an athlete.