Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Brandon and Rich Marshall from the Olympics...The Food

I knew at some point Brandon and Rich would get around to talking about the food!

Breakfast of Champions
Brandon eating breakfast
No account of a trip would be complete without a discussion about the food. In a sport where your ability to compete is dependent on maintaining your weight, wrestlers are really missing out at the Olympics. There is some amazing food in London.

For the general public there is a great variety of food to choose from. My favorite is always food from the street vendors. As you walk along the streets you will be overwhelmed by the delicious aroma. I would recommend the Cornish pasties if you are running late to your event. It’s easy to eat on the go and quite filling. If you are more adventurous you would love the paella. Simmering in a giant cast iron pan, this mixture of flavors will warm you up in the damp English weather. 
The cafĂ© in the Athlete’s Village is the largest in the history of the games. According to the London press, the athletes in the village will consume 25,000 loaves of bread and 75,000 liters of milk during the Olympics. They will eat more than 19 tons of eggs and approximately 330 tons of fruits and vegetables. The dining area is a place of camaraderie and ‘star’ gazing. Jordan Burroughs (FS 74kg) tried for more than a week to get a picture with the US gymnastics team. As soon as he did, interrupting Gabby Douglas’ lunch, he tweeted it to his followers!
No mention of food would be complete though without the golden arches. Yes, McDonald’s has a big presence at these games. Not far from the Olympic Stadium, McDonald’s built a two-story temporary restaurant. It is reported they serve 1,000 customers in an hour! It seems strange that fast food would be so central to a sporting event. I guess if it’s okay for Usain Bolt it can’t be all bad… long as you work it off like he does! Personally, McDonald’s has made it possible for me to communicate with friends, family and all of you at home. Nothing like free Wi-Fi with a side of fries!