Sunday, August 5, 2012

Brandon and Rich Marshall from the Olympics...Wrestling Predictions

Many of you remember Brandon Marshall, who has been featured in this space a few times. He is a high school wrestler who had Tommy John surgery earlier this year and came back in June to compete at FILA Cadet tournament and Junior Nationals in July. Brandon is in London at the Olympics with his dad, Rich, watching the wrestling competition. Rich has wrestled and coached however for these purposes he really would just like to be known as Brandon’s dad. Both have graciously agreed to share their insights and experiences with us. Here is their first guest blog…enjoy!

It’s In the Bag!
Brandon and Rich with all their gear
Two guys and two backpacks – off to London to watch the best wrestling in the world! I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t wrestling. I was rolling on the mat when I was four months old while my dad coached the high school kids. I could shoot before I could walk. My dad and I have traveled for the last dozen years to practices, matches, and tournaments. Along the way we have met and been taught by some of the greatest men and Olympic champions who have become lifelong friends and mentors.
So what more could London have in store for us? The best in the world will allow us to share their dream for a few short days. We will wave our American flag to show our support to these dedicated individuals. Each one has their own story and we naturally have our favorites. Whether it’s the win when it counts from Coleman Scott (FS60kg) or the fun-loving personality of Jake Herbert (FS84kg), each wrestler adds to our enjoyment. I hope to be able to see Ellis Coleman (GR60kg) go for his signature Flying Squirrel move for the win.
My dad is confident that we’ll see Justin Lester (GR66kg) and Dremiel Byers (GR120kg) on the podium for Greco, and Jordan Burroughs (FS74kg) for freestyle. Clarrisa Chun (48kg) and Elena Pirozhkova (63kg) could bring it home for the women.
Jordan Burroughs and Jake Herbert
We never want to underestimate any of the others though. It’s the Olympics and it’s anyone’s to win! Probably the most important to us personally, sharing this trip as father and son, are Jared Frayer (FS66kg) and Sam Hazewinkel (FS55kg). Jared is a new dad, going out there to win it for his girls back home. Sam is continuing the family tradition of being an Olympian. His dad (Dave) and uncle (Jim) were not only twins, but were also on the 1972 U.S. Olympic Greco-Roman Wrestling team.
These athletes will unknowingly reignite the fire in our hearts to renew our love of the sport. I always thought the time I spent with my dad during wrestling was great because it’s all about wrestling. After getting to know the remarkable men I have met in wrestling, I know that is just the surface. In reality, this time with my dad is great because it’s all about us! We hope you’ll follow us on our journey and remember – just wrestle!